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Salvador González is a muralist, sculptor, and painter.  He is best known for his masterwork known as el Callejón de Hamel, or Hamel’s Alley, located in the neighborhood known as Cayo Hueso in Central La Habana, Cuba. 


Hamel’s Alley is a two block alley created in the 1990s when one of Salvador’s friends asked him to paint a mural in his home.  Salvador instead opted to paint the mural outside.  El Callejón de Hamel has become a multidimensional outdoor art space complete with live music, theatre dance performances, ongoing murals projects and art education classes.  On Sundays, el Callejón hosts it’s weekly Rumba gathering where musicians gather to play, dance and sing to the beats of the Bata’s and Congo’s.  El Callejón de Hamel is considered to be a temple to the Afro-Cuban religious cultures where Salvador serves as a priest of Shango. 


After the creation of El Callejón de Hamel, Salvador began to receive commissions to paint murals in different countries, such as Venezuela, Norway, Denmark, Puerto Rico, and Mexico.  He was also commissioned to paint murals in the United States.  Two of his murals are on display in Philadelphia:  “Flower for Africa," (2001) is a 60 ft. by 30 ft. mural located in Strawberry Mansion on the corner of Oxford and 30th Street in Philadelphia; “Butterflies of the Caribbean," (2000), is a 60 ft. by 33 ft. mural located in the heart of the Latino community at 2nd Street and Susquahana.




















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Solo Exhibitions


1986    Personal show, "Homage to Don Fernando Ortiz" in the Casa de Africa


Collective Exhibitions


1980    Showed at the "Arte Popular Cubano" exhibit at the Artes Decorativas Museum, Havana, Cuba

1981    Showed at the "Artesania y Revolucion" exhibit, together with the grupo Caribe in the Galeria de Arte de la Casa Estudiantil de la FEU,

            Havana University

1983    Showed at the "Expresiones Artisticas" exhibit at the Cuban Association of Artists and Artesans

1984    Applied Arts show at the Varadero Tourism Convention

1985    "Latin American Art Anniversary," at the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales

1986    Show at the City of Havana Museum

Show in the Seychelle Islands

“Yoruba Poem” show at Cuban Culture Day, Hotel Havana Libre

Show at the Havana International Fair, Casa de Obrapia, City Museum

Show at the Union de Periodistas de Cuba, with the group “Raices Profundas”

1987    Show at the San Miguel del Padron Gallery, with the group "Raices Profundas"

Group show in Rome, Italy, with the Cuban Association of Artists and Artesans

"Hommage to the King of the Yorubas, the Ooni of Ife" on the occasion of his visit to Cuba, City Museum

Show at the Castillo de la Fuerza, with "Raices Profundas"

1988    Show at the Casa de Africa, Havana: "Hommage to Don Fernando Ortiz, The Song of Ekue"




1989    "Palo Monte": Mural dedicated to religious culture, Casa de Africa, City Museum

1990    First outdoor AfroCuban mural: Callejón de Hamel, Havana

1991    "El hijo del sol": a 350 m2 mural on the Caracas Hilton, Venezuela

Mural on Rancho Boyeros Ave, with the group Danes Arte por Vida, Havana

1992    Mural at the Escuela Superior on Isla Floro, Noruega

Mural in hommage to Nieve Fresneda, Casa Comunal del Municipio Plaza, Havana

1993    "Ancestros": mural in Xochimilco, Mexico

"Metamorfosis": teatro Mella, Havana

"Ceremonia Egun": Architecural College, Cuba

1994    "Sol de America": at the Queretaro Anthropological Museum, Mexico

Mural at the Instituto Indigenista Otomi, Mexico

Mural at the Universidad Autonoma de Mexico

"Madre Agua": Copenhagen, Denmark





Videoclip Iya Oromi                             with Grupo Sintesis, Cuba.   Director: Manolo Padron. Prize at the Tan Tan Festival, Italy


Mensajero de los Dioses                       First documentary on Cuban Santeria, won Caracol prize in the 3rd Festival of New LatinAmerican 

                                                            Cinema, Havana.  Directed by Rigoberto Lopez


Regla de Ocha o Santeria                     Coproduced by Spain and Cuba.  Directed by Ramon Chile


El Brujo de Hamel                                Documentary by VideoCuba


Ofrenda a Aggayu Sola                         Documentary of the Cuban TV station CHTV. Directed by Salvador Gonzales and Miguel Valdes


Videoclip                                              with Adalberto y su Son, a Cuban salsa group, and Isaac Delgado


Salvador, un Hombre de Hamel            Documentary directed by Carlos Leon. Won Caracol prize in Havana.





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